LearnDash Updates November 20th, 2018

Update: Version 2.6.3


  • Fixed issue with Quiz post content not displaying

  • Fixed issue with Quiz shortcode [LDAdvQuiz] not showing the Quiz data when using certain themes

LearnDash Updates November 19th, 2018

Update: Version 2.6.2

New Features

  • Added a new filter and action for when course access expires https://bitbucket.org/snippets/learndash/peb5Ka


  • Updated base64 inline images with external reference


  • Fixed issues causing Quiz template to be called twice

  • Fixed Mathjax support on Quiz questions

  • Fixed issue in RSS feed logic

LearnDash Updates November 13th, 2018

Update: Version 2.6.1


  • Fixed course custom URL logic

  • Fixed code that was affecting older PHP versions

LearnDash Updates November 12th, 2018

Update: Version 2.6.0 - Major Release

New Features

  • Added Quiz Builder for easy quiz and question creation

  • Added WordPress Custom Post Type (sfwd-question) for all quiz questions (see data upgrade option under settings to convert existing questions)

  • Added shared questions feature so that a single question can be shared between multiple quizzes

  • Added support for WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg on LearnDash post types

  • Added new Taxonomies Quiz Category and Quiz Tag to Quizzes

  • Added ability to edit a user's course enrollment date via their WordPress profile

  • Added pagination support when using the search feature on the binary selectors used on various pages like the WordPress profile and LearnDash Groups

  • Added call to do_shortcode() within the [ld_quiz] and [LDAdvQuiz] shortcodes processing

  • Added performance improvements when not running shared course steps feature


  • Updated Quiz Options page to be similar to Course and Lesson Options

  • Updated Quiz Advanced Settings metabox into multiple metaboxes

  • Updated the admin setting "Bypass Course limits" to include Quizzes

  • Updated the Data Upgrade logic for User Course and Quiz data to work better on larger sites

  • Updated report (CSV) headers so they can now be translated

  • Removed the legacy wpproquiz translation markers so that now all strings use learndash


  • Fixed issues with Quiz export/import logic not properly handling categories or the essay question settings

  • Fixed issue with course progression preventing course from being completed

  • Fixed issue where last login recorded within LearnDash core was not being set due to hook priority

  • Fixed user_groups_shortcode.php template variable error

LearnDash Updates August 21st, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.9

New Features

  • Added Gutenberg editor blocks for most LearnDash shortcodes

  • Added Data Upgrade item - When run (under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > DATA UPGRADES) this will move the course access list into its own post meta field

  • Added new templates for various shortcodes: learndash_course_complete_message.php, learndash_course_inprogress_message.php, learndash_course_not_started_message.php, learndash_course_student_message.php, learndash_course_visitor_message.php, learndash_group_message.php


  • Updated to improve performance when shared steps feature is not enabled

  • Updated Course Builder so that when editing a title the return key can now be used to save the change

  • Updated Quiz certificate award logic related to Essay points logic

  • Updated to not purge user and usermeta data when deleting a multisite blog

  • Updated activity meta processing to not store lesson and topic post objects

  • Updated Video Progression handling to ensure correct elements returned from WP embed call

  • Updated add-on update logic and caching timing

  • Updated [ld_course_info] shortcode output structure and page logic to allow more than one instance on the page

  • Updated to ensure learndash_get_course_id() returns integer

  • Updated [courseinfo] shortcode when using the 'completed_on' option and reworked the date format logic

  • Removed debug log functions used within the quiz processing

LearnDash Updates May 30th, 2018

Update: Version


  • Updated default value for LEARNDASH_GUTENBERG define to be false instead of true


  • Fixed issue preventing Quiz Certificates from displaying

  • Fixed division by zero in Course Progress widget when course does not contain any steps

LearnDash Updates May 26th, 2018

Update: Version


  • Fixed [ld_course_list] shortcode to show enrolled courses when using the "mycourses" parameter

LearnDash Updates May 25th, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.8

New Features

  • Added integration to WordPress Privacy Policy and GDPR functionality to export and erase user personal data

  • Added support for user_id parameter in [ld_course_list] shortcode

  • Added new parameters for [ld_profile] shortcode to control output of edit profile link and listing of course quizzes

  • [BETA] Added new Gutenberg blocks for many of the LearnDash shortcodes

  • [BETA] Added more REST API endpoints under namespace: /wp-json/ldlms/v1 (requires the define added to site: define ('LEARNDASH_REST_API_ENABLED', true);)

  • [BETA] Added Gutenberg editor support when editing LearnDash post types (requires the define added to site: define ('LEARNDASH_GUTENBERG', true);)


  • Updated cookie timer logic to retain after logging out

  • Updated Quiz question point calculations when using the individual point option

  • Updated Lessons widget ordering logic to use shared steps order

  • Updated Course progress widget when user is not logged in

  • Updated Course Info widget order selectors to retain value after saving

  • Updated Groups auto-enroll logic to not unenroll user from Group when user is unenrolled from an associated Course

  • Updated learndash_course_status() to allow for filtering and return slug only


  • Fixed miscellaneous spelling issues

LearnDash Updates April 3rd, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.7

New Features

  • Added negative point scoring logic on multiple choice questions when using individual points

  • Added Assignment and Essay upload paths to the Support tab output


  • Updated Add-ons options key ‘learndash-repositories' to not auto-load


  • Fixed Course Builder where editing a Quiz title did not update WPProQuiz title

  • Fixed issue where Course Builder search was generating too many AJAX calls

  • Fixed Course Builder where editing a Lesson title propagated the change to Topics

  • Fixed Add-ons menu where items did not load or displayed partial data

  • Fixed Quiz prerequisite logic not checking that student has passed the previous Quiz

  • Fixed Quiz where Mathjax symbol processing was not being rendered on all question types and answer fields

  • Fixed [ld_lesson_list] shortcode not using the course_id per page limit

  • Fixed undefined index reported on Add-ons page when running on wordpress.com

  • Fixed Group Administration pagination

  • Fixed per page settings not accepting a "0" value

  • Fixed Lesson pagination and Quiz listing

  • Fixed issue where the class Parsedown couldn't be redeclared

  • Fixed issues related to PHP 7.2.1 deprecated function while = each() used in the TCPDF library

  • Fixed [ld_course_list mycourses="enrolled"] shortcode showing all courses when logged out

LearnDash Updates March 6th, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.6

New Features

  • Added lesson pagination to the [ld_course_content] shortcode

  • Added new filters for Quiz "free" choice question type to allow external override of correct marking and points


  • Updated [ld_course_list] logic when using ‘mycourses' parameter and user does not have any registered courses

  • Updated [ld_course_list] logic to call wp_reset_postdata() after output is complete

  • Updated course complete logic where changes to global $post seem to have been changed

  • Updated formatting of text under Certificate Shortcodes tab

  • Updated POT file to include missing strings

  • Updated Video Progression feature to be compatible with JetPack


  • Fixed issue with WP-CLI and global $sfwd_lms

  • Fixed WP Profile Quiz listing ordering (now sorted by latest first)

  • Fixed WP Profile manual progress logic not working when pagination is enabled

  • Fixed Course Data Upgrade logic missing data

  • Fixed issue with Course Navigation widget to correct page when viewing final Quiz

  • Fixed Admin Course Navigation widget to correct page when viewing final Quiz.

  • Fixed Quiz "free" choice question type grading if student answer contains trailing space(s)

  • Fixed course expiration and data deletion to correctly remove user quiz history

  • Fixed Assignments missing uploaded filename

  • Fixed invalid language code issue with certificate URL