LearnDash Updates May 18th, 2013

Update: Version 1.3.2


  • Updated CSS ID to prevent conflicts with certain themes

LearnDash Updates May 17th, 2013

Update: Version 1.3.1


  • Fixed "print certificate" bug in Simple Quiz

LearnDash Updates May 15th, 2013

Update: Version 1.3.0

New Features

  • Added Advanced Quizzing

  • Added ability to add timer to Lessons

  • Added new Lesson and Quiz related shortcodes

  • Added tag functionality for Courses, Lessons, Quizzes


  • Updated course shortcodes for additional display options


  • Minor bug fixes

LearnDash Updates April 25th, 2013

Update: Version 1.2.2


  • Updated course list shortcode to display JigoShop courses


  • Minor bug fixes

LearnDash Updates April 24th, 2013

Update: Version 1.2.1


  • Updated IPN function for Jigoshop integration

  • Added shortcode information to the course options page


  • Fixed more tag for course list shortcode

LearnDash Updates April 11th, 2013

Update: Version 1.2.0

New Features

  • Added shortcode as well as weidget to show course info to the user (such as quiz scores and completed steps of a course)

  • Added [ld_course_list] shortcode to list all courses

  • Added debugging messages


  • Removed padding in quiz

  • Updated certificates to open in a new window


  • Fixed course progress bar showing 3/2 lesson complete when no quiz is assigned

  • Fixed get_plugin_data error

  • Fixed rendering error

  • Fixed blink when pressing Mark Complete

  • Fixed plugin updater fatal error

LearnDash Updates March 27th, 2013

Update: Version 1.1.4

New Features

  • Added update API


  • Changed update URL

  • Updated Transaction menu to be under Courses


  • Fixed Lesson/Quiz auto-progress redirection

  • Fixed database error in learndash_get_lesson_list

  • Fixed Quiz score comparison error

LearnDash Updates March 19th, 2013

Update: Version 1.1.3

New Features

  • Added Course statuses Not Started/In Progress/Completed

  • Added checkboxes to indicate Lesson & Quiz completion


  • Updated quiz redirect flow

  • Removed internal templates

  • Changed the links "next" and "previous" to say "Next Lesson" and "Previous Lesson"


  • Fixed issue where widget shows only five Lessons/Quizzes/Courses

LearnDash Updates March 8th, 2013

Update: Version 1.1.2


  • Updated lesson template

  • Now using certificate threshold to decide quiz pass/fail for course progress

  • Minor spacing updates


  • Fixed issue where quiz doesn't show on all lessons

  • Fixed fatal error: Cannot redelcare sfwd_lms_get_post_options()

  • Fixed course progress issue

LearnDash Updates February 20th, 2013

Update: Version 1.1.1

New Features

  • Added class to LearnDash content

  • Added revisions to lesson/course/quiz


  • Modified course progress for quizzes

  • Modified PayPal payment gateway


  • Fixed bug when quiz is associated with a lesson resulting in invalid notice

  • Fixed bug where number of lessons and certificates listed on quiz edit page

  • Fixed bug where after completing a lesson quiz there was no way to return back to lesson

  • Fixed issue with random sort function

  • Fixed issue where comments couldn't be enabled for LearnDash custom post types