LearnDash Updates February 14th, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.5

New Features

  • Added Add-ons panel to support installations and upgrades for LearnDash add-ons

  • Added pagination options to lessons, widgets, shortcodes, and profile output

  • Added Translations tab under Settings to download translation sets from GlotPress


  • Updated all translation strings to now exist 'learndash' set

  • Updated wpml-config.xml used by WPML Translations plugin

  • Updated Assignments approval and points logic

  • Removed wp-pro-quiz translation sets (as it is now combined with 'learndash' set)

LearnDash Updates January 3rd, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.4


  • Security patch for Assignment and Essay upload form processing - Full Issue Details

  • Important Updating only prevents future issues. Please perform a check on your site to ensure that you do not have any suspicious files. Check “Learndash -> Assignments” in the backend. Some users reported finding an assignment titled assig.php. - Remove this file.

  • Also check if the following files have been created or changed recently: /wp-admin/ms-site.php, /wp-config-sample.php, /store.php, /assign.php

  • Your hosting provider can help you determine if these files were created and/or modified so as to perform any necessary removal actions.

LearnDash Updates December 5th, 2017

Update: Version 2.5.3

New Features

  • Added new Lesson, Topic, and Quiz Material fields

  • Added support for Comment pagination rewrite rules when using nested URLs


  • Updated the handling of Draft items in Course Builder

  • Updated help text on Topic

  • Updated logic when a Quiz added via Course Builder does not have Statistics enabled

  • Updated logic when running Data Upgrades on very large sites

  • Removed Lesson, Topic, Quiz panels on WordPress Menu manager when using Shared Course Steps feature


  • Fixed issue where Admin became unenrolled when updating a Course

  • Fixed issue on [course_content] shortcode when using the Shared Course Steps feature

  • Fixed issue with Quiz Question Fill-in-the-Blank scoring logic

  • Fixed issue with Course completion not recording date

  • Fixed issue related to Assignments losing course association

LearnDash Updates November 15th, 2017

Update: Version 2.5.2

New Features

  • Added right-to-left language support in Course Builder

  • Added Hebrew translations (he_IL)


  • Removed Lessons Ordering options when Shared Course Steps is enabled


  • Fixed issue with default settings when adding new Quiz via Course Builder

  • Fixed issue with table names on Multisite

  • Fixed issue with shortcode [ld_course_list mycourses="not-enrolled"]

  • Fixed block of code causing older PHP versions (5.3) to abort

  • Fixed typos related to Quiz settings

LearnDash Updates November 7th, 2017

Update: Version 2.5.1


  • Fixed quiz not starting issue caused by missing default lesson and topic IDs

LearnDash Updates November 7th, 2017

Update: Version 2.5.0 - Major Release

New Features

  • Added visual course builder which allows for drag & drop course creation

  • Added ability to re-use course content (Lessons, Topics, Quizzes) across multiple courses

  • Added support for nested permalinks, i.e. yoursite.com/course-title/lesson-title/topic-title

  • Added ability to set upload size and file type limit on Assignments

  • Added ability for users to deleted submitted Assignments

  • Added support for non-enrolled courses in the [ld_course_list] shortcode

  • Added course_id support to [ld_lesson_list] shortcode

  • Added option on user WP profile to allow removing quiz attempts

  • Added WP Tag to LearnDash shortcodes TinyMCE popup UI

  • Added support for display Certificate button when using the [ld_quiz] shortcode

  • Added filter in course template to expand or collapse all items by default


  • Updated apply_filters('comment_text') to pass all parameters when called

  • Updated LEARNDASH_SCRIPT_DEBUT to include a unique timestamp on every page load for all CSS/JS URLs

  • Updated Quiz logic to prevent fill-in-the-blank question types from defaulting to lowercase

  • Updated logic to allow Assignment uploads when course progression is not enabled

  • Updated Video Progression logic for YouTube to ensure 'controls' values are not empty


  • Fixed translation issue on Lesson Video URL help text

  • Fixed issue in Quiz Statistics where fill-in-the-blank answers were not displaying

  • Fixed [courseinfo] shortcode to correctly show related quizzes & course data

  • Fixed filter filter issue that prevented limiting items related to Course for Topics

LearnDash Updates August 28th, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.7

New Features

  • Added support for HTML content and shortcodes in Course Material field settings

  • Added new filter for Course Status

  • Added logic to complete the course when the essay questions are graded

  • Added more filters to CSV report output for data elements and column headers

  • Added filter to control PDF margins

  • Added filter learndash_certificate_params and two actions for hooks into PDF details

  • Added support for course_points and user_course_points parameters to courseinfo shortcode

  • Added logic to ensure WPProgQuiz tables are checked on plugin validation

  • Added check that DB_User has ability to create needed DB tables


  • Updated logic to check user capability on profile save to match standard WP capabilities

  • Removed javascript in Course Navigation Widget that sets inline styles for max font-size: 12px

LearnDash Updates July 24th, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.6

New Features

  • Added Amazon S3 support for video progression feature

  • Added Wistia support for video progression feature

  • Added new setting to show/hide video controls for video progression feature


  • Updated logic for quizzes attached to Lessons and/or Topics for video progression feature

  • Updated quiz filtering logic on Activity reports


  • Fixed to enforce LearnDash post types only returned on [ld_profile] shortcode

  • Fixed PayPal logic to properly use Cancel URL from settings

  • Fixed reported PHP notices/warnings

  • Removed debug output line to error_log on transient delete

LearnDash Updates June 20th, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.5

New Features

  • Added video progression feature for Lessons and Topics

  • Added HTML class to certificate link element on profile/user course info output

  • Added option to Support Tab to purge all LearnDash data


  • Updated activity meta query to return all elements

  • Updated Polish translation files

  • Updated Group users logic to allow the inclusion of a Group Leader

  • Updated LD template URL to remove front-end http: and/or https:


  • Fixed quiz logic for retaining user responses while checking answers

  • Fixed logic to not enroll a user when completing a sample lesson

  • Fixed quiz profile statistics showing answer feedback when option is deactivated

LearnDash Updates May 10th, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.4


  • Updated recently added Quiz security logic to retain user answers

  • Updated settings tabs and meta-boxes to pull in custom label settings

  • Updated logic to link the statistics essay answers to the essay post

  • Updated logic to purge all transients on any post type save and when Lesson Options are saved


  • Fixed visual display logic on free choice question types

  • Fixed logic to show the details option on the Group admin pages

  • Fixed logic for Quiz toplist calculated percentage

  • Fixed formatting output on the 'correct response' message