LearnDash Updates May 10th, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.4


  • Updated recently added Quiz security logic to retain user answers

  • Updated settings tabs and meta-boxes to pull in custom label settings

  • Updated logic to link the statistics essay answers to the essay post

  • Updated logic to purge all transients on any post type save and when Lesson Options are saved


  • Fixed visual display logic on free choice question types

  • Fixed logic to show the details option on the Group admin pages

  • Fixed logic for Quiz toplist calculated percentage

  • Fixed formatting output on the 'correct response' message

LearnDash Updates April 25th, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.3

New Features

  • Added Featured Image option for Quiz custom post type


  • Updated Polish translation files

  • Updated Spanish translation files

  • Updated template path logic to work better with symbolic linked directories

  • Updated Quiz logic to enhance security

  • Updated PayPal IPN processing to work with tax/vat


  • Fixed allow any course price display in front-end for Buy Now / Recurring courses

  • Fixed Quiz Matrix and Sorting javascript issues related to question not scrolling

  • Fixed Quiz Taxonomies that were missing in v2.4

  • Fixed PayPal setting return URL when not using permalinks

  • Fixed reporting PHP warnings

LearnDash Updates April 4th, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.2

New Features

  • Added filter to Statistics History table content

  • Added feature to redirect a user back to course after the user is prompted to login when clicking the 'Take This Course' button

  • Added logic on new installs so that Course and Quiz data upgrades are not required


  • Fixed template path logic so that it is no longer impacted by Windows paths

  • Fixed issue with Topic list ordering

  • Fixed legacy Group report URLs (only impacting sites which have not run the data upgrade)

  • Fixed certificate setting for Orientation

  • Fixed issue in new Settings logic that generated PHP warnings

LearnDash Updates March 27th, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.1


  • Updated Course Points to accept partial point values, such as "1.5"

  • Updated tab labels for Course Options, Lesson Options and Topic Options

  • Updated Course Price field to allow any character input when PayPal/Stripe/2Checkout is not being used

  • Updated priority of the init where LearnDash registers the post types from 10 to 5


  • Fixed issue where LearnDash taxonomy options could not be unselected

  • Fixed issue where first_name and last_name usermeta fields were not rendering on certificate

  • Fixed issue where LearnDash Settings menu disappeared due to Admin Menu Editor plugin being active

  • Fixed issue where LearnDash templates were not working with minified CSS/JS

  • Fixed Warning: array_merge() message by updating logic to check second parameter before attempting array_merge

  • Fixed issue where "Mark Complete" button remained on screen for Admins when "Bypass Course Limits" options was enabled

  • Fixed Lesson Specific Date Drip Feed option so that it now can be saved if any of the date values are "0"

  • Fixed automatic updater file

LearnDash Updates March 21st, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.0 - Major Release

New Features

  • Added separate Categories/Tags taxonomies for LearnDash post types

  • Added Course Points feature

  • Added shortcodes TinyMCE popup UI

  • Added multiple Course prerequisite support

  • Added link to changelog in plugin meta

  • Added Course Options and General Settings pages

  • Added action hook when deleting user LearnDash data

  • Added support for alternate template directory wp-content/uploads/learndash/templates/

  • Added filter for 'Tag' on Courses listing

  • Added cookie logic for Lesson timers to save state on page reload

  • Added various ID and classes to Course, Lesson, Topic template files


  • Updated LearnDash menu and tab logic

  • Updated many quiz messages and labels, moving them to template file for easier filtering

  • Updated quiz statistics CSS, moving to template for easier override

  • Updated Course/Lesson/Topic/Quiz permalinks, moving to WP Settings > Permalinks screen

  • Updated "Lesson Available On" filter

  • Updated Danish language files

  • Updated Spanish language files

  • Updated PayPal integration in preparation of PayPal's March 2017 changes

  • Removed !important tag usage in quiz CSS

  • Removed inline CSS on question review box items


  • Fixed essay question incorrect marking in statistics

  • Fixed Add Media button in Quiz answer error

  • Fixed typo - Quiz Question

  • Fixed issue where images were not showing when viewing Quiz statistics

  • Fixed drip feed dates not translating on front-end

  • Fixed action learndash_course_complete event triggering multiple times on Quiz complete

  • Fixed hints from being calculated in the statistics, but not activated in question settings

  • Fixed issue where question/stats/leaderboard tabs not generating for new Quizzes

  • Fixed issue where Group Leader was unable to send a Group email

  • Fixed logic to ensure DB tables exist for plugin activation

LearnDash Updates January 25th, 2017

Update: Version 2.3.3


  • Updated Course Navigation widget settings to allow control over display of Quizzes

  • Updated [visitor] shortcode to work on any page and to accept the course_id parameter

  • Updated [ld_course_list] shortcode to allow category terms display order

  • Updated admin bar "New" menu to hide Assignment, Essay, and Transactions custom post types

  • Updated previous fix for PHP 7.1.0 warnings on variable initialization


  • Fixed 'Array' issue for LearnDash widgets

  • Fixed permissions to check logic to all Group Leaders to view essay content on front-end

  • Fixed typo on "Not Enabled" label

  • Fixed transient header logic to check for invalid or expiring transients

LearnDash Updates January 16th, 2017

Update: Version 2.3.2

New Features

  • Added decimals parameter for [courseinfo] to control the number of decimal places on some fields

  • Added "Email Name" fields to quiz admin and user email settings

  • Added filter for CSV reports to allow override of CSV options like field delimiter, encoding, etc.

  • Added link to uploaded file on Essay front-end page view

  • Added div wrapper around quiz listing on user profile output

  • Added output on Support tab to show language files loaded and change timestamp


  • Updated to force loading needed inline quiz JS after footer scripts

  • Updated CSS to be compatible with default TwentySeventeen theme

  • Updated all flush rewrite logic to work better when saving Custom Labels


  • Fixed issue under Groups > Group Leader where clicking 'Next' on binary selector resulted in a blank page

  • Fixed Custom Label to now accept apostrophes

  • Fixed Course Navigation widget to display proper CSS for nested Topic and Quiz items

  • Fixed issue on get_role() variable compare

  • Fixed PHP 7.1.0 warnings on variable initialization

LearnDash Updates December 12th, 2016

Update: Version 2.3.1

New Features

  • Added new [ld_quiz] shortcode to work better within our template environment

  • Added Course certificate link on [ld_profile] shortcode output

  • Added logic to allow clearing of Quiz locks in various places within the user WP profile

  • Added Quizzes to Course Navigation Widget template output

  • Added .DE language files

  • Added validation on Quiz admin and user notification From field to force valid email address instead of name

  • Added progress bar parameter to [ld_course_list] shortcode


  • Updated logic with expired courses to still provide access to course certificate

  • Updated Quiz Prerequisite to work with manual mark complete logic

  • Updated Course Group metabox to hide if no groups are defined

  • Updated the order of Group Leader LearnDash menu items

  • Updated the data upgrade admin notice to not display on first time installs

  • Removed ‘Add New’ link on Reports > Transactions page

  • Removed ‘[‘ and ‘]’ from course title on PayPal button ouput so it is not treated as a shortcode


  • Fixed issue where user Essay items were not removed when clearing user LearnDash data via profile

  • Fixed issue where ‘PDF Page Orientation’ was not retaining selected value after save

  • Fixed variable in course data upgrade logic

  • Re-minified ProQuiz JavaScript file

LearnDash Updates October 31st, 2016

Update: Version

New Features

  • Added 'view' link for submitted Essay questions on the Statistics pop-up from the profile

  • Added Admin prompt to upgrade data under settings after updating


  • Updated all custom post types to be hidden from WordPress search by default

  • Updated Quiz/Essay logic to correct score calculations

  • Updated course progression logic for determining Not Started vs. In Progress vs. Complete

  • Updated 'View Profile Statistis' option to only be visible when 'Statistics' option is selected


  • Fixed issue with dripped (scheduled) Lesson date display

LearnDash Updates October 24th, 2016

Update: Version


  • Fixed course expiration access logic to check $course_access_from variable