LearnDash Updates October 3rd, 2016

Update: Version

New Features

  • Added filter to allow showing the quiz continue button if the user does not meet the Passing Threshold

  • Added filter to allow control over display of the new quiz statistics link on user profile and course info shortcodes


  • Updated logic for admin filters (impacts Lessons, Topics, Quizzes, Assignments, and Essays)

  • Updated [ld_profile] shortcode to show control ordering for enrolled courses (see course shortcodes tab for details)

  • Updated Dutch language files

  • Updated Swedish language files


  • Fixed Prev/Next link logic on Topics

  • Fixed question numbering on quiz statistics output

LearnDash Updates September 27th, 2016

Update: Version


  • Fixed PHP warning on quiz items via [ld_profile] shortcode

  • Fixed users showing as having all courses as enrolled (admin view only)

LearnDash Updates September 27th, 2016

Update: Version 2.3.0 - Major Release

New Features

  • Added ability for admin and group leaders to print course/quiz certificates for users from back-end

  • Added ability for users to view quiz statistics from their front-end profile

  • Added new database tables to store user course and quiz data

  • Added [ld_group] shortcode for displaying content to users of a specific group

  • Added course ID parameter to [student] shortcode so that content can be displayed to enrolled users of certain course

  • Added filter ld_after_course_status_template_container to display custom content based on course status


  • Updated checks in core logic to determine if user is a group leader

  • Updated assignments and essays bulk handling for status and points

  • Updated course and quiz exports for better control over columns and output

  • Updated next/previous links to display based on 'mark complete' status

  • Updated course progression to record when quiz submit button is clicked

  • Removed admins from course reports

  • Removed drip-feed restrictions for group leaders

LearnDash Updates August 9th, 2016

Update: Version

New Features

  • Added new Polish language files for leanrdash and wp-pro-quiz

  • Added new action leandash_ipnlistener_init that allows override of some of the default IPNListender settings

  • Added support for the template resource files to be minified with the following names: learndash_template_script.min.js and learndash_template_style.min.css

  • Added classes to the course navigation widget structure. On the current item added learndash-current-menu-item and on the parent added learndash-current-menu-ancestor

  • Added a simple CSS style in learndash_template_style.css to set the current item bold

  • Added new template learndash_course_prerequisites_message.php for handling the display of pre-req messages

  • Added conditional logic around all get_role() calls to ensure expected return role is valid


  • Updated the internal query logic used to show courses on the user profile output

  • Updated the user profile courses listing to again include expired courses

  • Updated the user profile courses listing details to include 'expired' as well as 'expires on' output

  • Updated Quiz Options field descriptions on the 'From' setting so users know it is for email address not name

  • Updated "you have to vinish following quiz" text to "You have to pass the previous module's quiz in order to start this quiz"

  • Updated quiz IP lock default value to "0"


  • Fixed issue with PHP notice when adding a new quiz

  • Fixed issue where quiz with checkbox custom field marked as required was preventing Quiz from starting

  • Fixed issue where lesson with single quiz where lesson was marked complete and allowed to progress even if user did not pass quiz

  • Fixed issue with Quiz category to properly remove slashes on category names containing single quote

  • Fixed user profile course selection overriding PMPro manual course access

  • Fixed issue on user profile when deleting course data was not removing the expired access user meta records

LearnDash Updates June 23rd, 2016

Update: Version

New Features

  • Added debug information to Support tab

  • Added proper wrapper around string to enable translation of text

  • Added check after call to the filter 'learndash_template' to ensure returned template filename is not empty and is a file


  • Updated German language files

  • Removed "!" on all "PRINT YOUR CERTIFICATE" button labels


  • Fixed date stamp on courses manually marked complete by admin

  • Fixed typo on quiz template

  • Fixed quiz question review color logic so that questions marked for review turn yellow and then green when answered

  • Fixed error thrown when accessing some of the class args. In legacy PHP versions (5.2 and 5.3)

  • Fixed placeholder logic to use custom labels on prerequisites message instead of static values

  • Fixed logic when adding a new quiz to prevent questions tab from not showing on certain hosting setups

  • Fixed correct course info and course navigation templates to support courses that only include a quiz

LearnDash Updates June 14th, 2016

Update: Version 2.2.1

New Features

  • Added admin ability to mark Course content as complete for users

  • Added new filters for Course and Quiz certificates to allow external functions to append URL parameters as needed

  • Added page-attribute option to Course post_type registration options

  • Added lazy load logic that will batch load 5000 over AJAX resulting in quicker page loads

  • Added filter learndash_element_lazy_load_admin to turn off lazy loading by setting the return to 'false'

  • Added LD binary selector to replace the selectors on Groups, User, Profile, Course admin pages (includes paging and search)

  • Added legacy group styling support by giving option to define LEARNDASH_GROUPS_LEGACY_v220 to true.

  • Added action for Quiz/Question Answers attempts to be able to send statements for LearnDash questions to LRS

  • Added action do_action( 'ldadvquiz_answered', $results, $quiz, $questionModels)


  • Updated the way users and courses are added to groups (related to new binary selector)

  • Updated loading of Course, Lesson, Topic, Certificate, Quizzes to load only where needed instead of on all pages

  • Updated essays to restrict access to Quiz Essay answers to admin and essay owner only

  • Updated texts still using 'course', 'lesson', etc. to now use the custom label (this is mostly the help text within in the admin screens)

  • Updated learndash.pot and wp-pro-quiz.pot language files

  • Updated LearnDash custom post types to display post ID on associated content widget

  • Removed use of the define WPPROQUIZ_DEV and replaced with LEARNDASH_SCRIPT_DEBUG (True = non-minified JS and CSS)

  • Removed wpdb->prepare() wrapper on code causing PHP warning message


  • Fixed typo in filter learndash_lesson_available_from_text in includes/course/ld-course-functions.php

  • Fixed misspelled CSS selector from 'navigation' to 'navigation'

  • Fixed logic causing quiz questions to loose sort order

  • Fixed issue on Quiz Statistics when viewing matrix sort questions

LearnDash Updates May 4th, 2016

Update: Version


  • Fixed function ld_lesson_access_from where it was causing a PHP notice on undefined variable $return

  • Fixed 'make lesson visible on specific date' so that admin can manually enter hh:mm am/pm after date

LearnDash Updates April 26th, 2016

Update: Version

New Features

  • Added new actions to allow CSV question import to add page content

  • Added learndash_load_resources_prioirty filter to control priority of CSS files loaded


  • Updated LearnDash and Quiz .pot files

  • Updated Swedish .po and .mo files

  • Updated quiz enqueue commands for JS/CSS to use the Learndash version number instead of the quiz version

  • Updated wpenqueuescript and wp_enqueue_style calls so the handle value matches the filename being enqueued

  • Updated drip-feed date to adopt site timezone settings


  • Fixed code logic so multiple course purchase shortcodes can be used on same page

  • Fixed quiz statistic date/times to show proper time zone on detail view instead of UTC

  • Fixed line break formatting issue with fill-in-the-blank questions

  • Fixed typo in stylesheet logic that caused enqueing issue

  • Fixed logic to clear cookies on AJAX call for wp_pro_quiz_completed_quiz action instead of button action

  • Fixed various debug errors

  • Fixed cookie timer to default to zero

  • Fixed various label texts to use the localization function _x() instead of __()

  • Fixed free answer question logic to allow for zero answers

  • Fixed logic to check that the paypal email is not empty before adding the rewrite rules

  • Fixed minor grammar error in quiz ('complete' instead of 'completed')

  • Fixed [ld_course_list] shortcode so that when 'col' parameter is used it will add the 'row' divs

LearnDash Updates March 9th, 2016

Update: Version 2.2.0 - Major Release

New Features

  • Added essay question support

  • Added manual grading for assignments

  • Added Quiz option to allow admin to set the time limit on the cookie or disable cookie

  • Added learndash_date_time_formats filter to allow override of date time display

  • Added learndash_date_time_offset filter that takes default WP gmt_offset and allows adjustment

  • Added 'date-type' attribute to outer list item to allow styling for questions

  • Added logic to JSON pack quiz data for AJAX (applicable to quizzes with many questions)


  • Updated quiz statistics recording on large quizzes to support more hosting configurations

  • Updated learndash_template_script.js loading

  • Updated LearnDash timestamp/timezone logic

  • Updated enqueued JS and CSS, moving into the proper hook to allow for more effective style dequeuing

  • Removed XDEBUG from Quiz JS


  • Fixed HTML5 validation errors

  • Fixed spelling error in quiz (Users instead of Useres)

LearnDash Updates February 15th, 2016

Update: Version


  • Fixed Custom Labels settings so that URL slugs aren't impacted by language accents

  • Fixed 'Click Here to Continue" button so that it appears on quiz with randomized questions

  • Fixed typo on singular quiz attempts