LearnDash Updates February 10th, 2016

Update: Version 2.1.8

New Features

  • Added Custom Labels page under Settings

  • Added Certificate layout and orientation options

  • Added ability to hide course content unless you're enrolled

  • Added support for pre tags


  • Updated courses so that they load faster

  • Updated [course_payment_buttons] shortcode for Stripe add-on compatibility

  • Updated wp_enqueue_style logic when shortcodes are used

  • Updated certificate URLs to be more unique to prevent caching issues

  • Removed 'scriptcode' used by Enhanced PayPal Shortcodes plugin


  • Fixed sorting choice question calculation issue when answers default in correct order

  • Fixed javascript error in drag-n-drop questions

  • Fixed update class issue that caused conflict with plugin 'view details' link

  • Fixed learndash_can_attempt_again issue when attempts equal to '0'

LearnDash Updates January 13th, 2016

Update: Version 2.1.7

New Features

  • Added filter to allow for modification for how points are calculated for multiple answer questions

  • Added user submitted Swedish language files


  • Updated course purchase button logic to support multiple payment methods

  • Updated quiz attempt date output


  • Fixed issue where flip_expand_collapse JavaScript function was not found in admin

LearnDash Updates December 1st, 2015

Update: Version 2.1.6

New Features

  • Added support for fancy drop-down when multiple payment methods active


  • Updated individual answer points on new questions to default to zero


  • Fixed issue related to partial translation phrases

  • Fixed max point tally calculation

LearnDash Updates November 11th, 2015

Update: Version 2.1.5

New Features

  • Added logic to PayPal IPN process to verify IPN course price match


  • Updated Dutch translation

  • Updated admin headers to prepare for WordPress version 4.4

  • Updated PayPal Settings button with simpler text


  • Fixed quiz statistics data storage for Sort and Matrix questions

LearnDash Updates October 19th, 2015

Update: Version 2.1.4

New Features

  • Added filter to modify Redirect URL on course content when user is not enrolled in course


  • Updated several translation strings


  • Fixed Group Leader ProPanel report access

  • Fixed results calculation on quizzes with "check=>continue" option selected

  • Fixed missing argument message on settings page

LearnDash Updates October 13th, 2015

Update: Version 2.1.3


  • Updated LearnDash update API

LearnDash Updates October 13th, 2015

Update: Version 2.1.2

New Features

  • Added translation strings for steps completed in progress bar


  • Updated Quiz Options tab to include question and template management

  • Updated new user notification via the PayPal IPN to improve compatibility with WordPress version 4.3.1

  • Updated group reporting configuration

  • Updated core reporting functions to improve ProPanel on multisite installations

  • Updated user queries when creating a LearnDash Group

  • Removed group list user restrictions


  • Fixed free-text and cloze question types to accept apostrophes and quotations

  • Fixed missing 'edit profile' link on profile

LearnDash Updates September 15th, 2015

Update: Version 2.1.1


  • Updated relative path to PayPal shortcodes file

LearnDash Updates September 15th, 2015

Update: Version 2.1.0 - Major Release

New Features

  • Added [course_complete] shortcode for custom messages after course is finished

  • Added shortcodes for certificate related, quiz scores, time spent on course, and course title

  • Added ability to assign certificate to a course instead of just a quiz

  • Added 'print certificate' button in place of link

  • Added course enrollment capability so anyone with ability to manage users can enroll a user

  • Added ability to create another quiz question after saving one

  • Added ability to insert specific timezone to certificates

  • Added in-line DocBlock comments throughout code


  • Updated file/directory structure

  • Updated code format to better align with WordPress standards

  • Updated comments for every function

  • Updated quizzing back-end correct answer configuration

  • Updated backend CSS and code to maximize compatibility with other plugins

  • Updated emails sent by group leader to include the return address of the group leader

  • Updated French translation

  • Updated quiz statistics to be enabled by default upon quiz creation

  • Updated default lessons to display from 10 to 25

  • Updated function in course_progress.php to prevent course notification upon plugin update

  • Updated translation string for drip-feed date

  • Updated report exports to adopt site's timezone

  • Updated quiz to prepare for new question types

  • Removed degregated question, quiz, and template management from Quiz Options


  • Fixed duplicate IDs in course access list

  • Fixed quiz redirection and sorting order conflict

  • Fixed quiz recording bug after user course data is erased

  • Fixed minor quiz loading-loop bug

  • Fixed Win7 / IE9 lesson timer bug

  • Fixed IE9 quiz compatibility with showing specific number of questions at a time

LearnDash Updates August 24th, 2015

Update: Version


  • Updated Courses and Quizzes widget compatibility with WordPress version 4.3