LearnDash Updates December 22nd, 2014

Update: Version

New Features

  • Added course completion date & time to course data report

  • Added Russian translation


  • Updated Italian translation

  • Updated built-in PayPal IPN integration


  • Fixed Group Leader edit permissions for Assignments

  • Fixed Group Leader report export so that it does not include data from all of the Leader's groups

LearnDash Updates December 11th, 2014

Update: Version


  • Fixed quiz table query that was preventing 'questions' tab from appearing in previous version

  • Fixed translation strings for lessons

  • Fixed labels for LMS license fields

LearnDash Updates December 10th, 2014

Update: Version 2.0.6

New Features

  • Added date selection option for drip-feeding lesson content

  • Added learndash_post_args_groups filter to display groups on pages

  • Added 'Group' capability so that edit permissions can be easily added to a user role


  • Updated location of JS and CSS files to assets folder

  • Updated LearnDash LMS menu to not go to courses page for Group Leaders

  • Updated Group Leader capabilities so that users can be selected when using User Role Editor

  • Removed quiz database delete function in the event of reverting to older versions


  • Fixed Yes/No required custom field recording so that Yes answers record with value of "1"

  • Fixed missing translation strings in Assignments, Groups, and Settings section

  • Fixed audio file conflict with "showing certain number of questions per page" option in quiz

LearnDash Updates November 17th, 2014

Update: Version


  • Updated profile certificate to show data from each indvidual quiz instead of last quiz taken

  • Updated quiz score recording to prevent loading bar from stopping

  • Updated CSV course data download to include enrolled users who haven't accessed the course

  • Updated assignment process priority for plugin compatibility


  • Fixed spelling error in course_uploads.php

LearnDash Updates October 31st, 2014

Update: Version


  • Fixed matrix question grading bug

LearnDash Updates October 30th, 2014

Update: Version 2.0.5

New Features

  • Added quiz score recording to prevent ajax miscalls


  • Updated Capabilities for Group Leader so that it can be customized with User Role Editor

  • Updated quiz question and result calculation

  • Updated reporting to ensure compatibility with new ProPanel

  • Updated quiz answers to accept WordPress shortcodes

  • Updated quiz back-end configuration

  • Removed extra user box on Create Group page


  • Fixed certificate portrait layout

  • Fixed translation strings for quiz

  • Fixed link to Settings page on license notification

  • Fixed "Insufficient Permissions" message on Settings page

  • Fixed topic access for scheduled lessons

  • Fixed Quiz Name positioning in profile shortcode

LearnDash Updates October 21st, 2014

Update: Version


  • Updated PayPal IPN to avoid SSLv3 conflicts

LearnDash Updates September 10th, 2014

Update: Version 2.0.4

New Features

  • Added Course Expiration feature

  • Added course redirection filters


  • Updated [ld_course_list] so that it can be used on a Course custom post type

  • Updated the LearnDash LMS dashboard menu so that it is not visible to Subscriber roles

  • Removed Featured Image functionality for quiz custom post types

  • Removed Add Media button on Certificate post types

  • Removed visual editor tab on Certificate post types

  • Removed Next/Previous post links for uploaded assignments


  • Fixed Next/Previous links when using shortcodes to insert a quiz

  • Fixed disappearing payment cycle in Recurring payment option

LearnDash Updates August 6th, 2014

Update: Version 2.0.3

New Features

  • Added "Closed" price type which removes self-enrollment capabilities

  • Added field for custom Take This Course button URL redirect for "Closed" price type


  • Updated quiz migration script to ignore quizzes that don't contain titles and add title if missing

  • Updated quiz shortcode to display text entered in text editor

  • Removed "Add New" button from Assignments management page


  • Fixed visual editor conflict with matrix question type

LearnDash Updates July 16th, 2014

Update: Version 2.0.2


  • Updated quiz migration script

  • Removed sanitizefilename function


  • Fixed duplicate quiz creation when using templates

  • Fixed quiz timeout bug

  • Fixed quiz associated to course bug

  • Fixed override of featured image on regular posts and pages