LearnDash Updates August 21st, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.9

New Features

  • Added Gutenberg editor blocks for most LearnDash shortcodes

  • Added Data Upgrade item - When run (under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > DATA UPGRADES) this will move the course access list into its own post meta field

  • Added new templates for various shortcodes: learndash_course_complete_message.php, learndash_course_inprogress_message.php, learndash_course_not_started_message.php, learndash_course_student_message.php, learndash_course_visitor_message.php, learndash_group_message.php


  • Updated to improve performance when shared steps feature is not enabled

  • Updated Course Builder so that when editing a title the return key can now be used to save the change

  • Updated Quiz certificate award logic related to Essay points logic

  • Updated to not purge user and usermeta data when deleting a multisite blog

  • Updated activity meta processing to not store lesson and topic post objects

  • Updated Video Progression handling to ensure correct elements returned from WP embed call

  • Updated add-on update logic and caching timing

  • Updated [ld_course_info] shortcode output structure and page logic to allow more than one instance on the page

  • Updated to ensure learndash_get_course_id() returns integer

  • Updated [courseinfo] shortcode when using the 'completed_on' option and reworked the date format logic

  • Removed debug log functions used within the quiz processing