LearnDash Updates December 12th, 2016

Update: Version 2.3.1

New Features

  • Added new [ld_quiz] shortcode to work better within our template environment

  • Added Course certificate link on [ld_profile] shortcode output

  • Added logic to allow clearing of Quiz locks in various places within the user WP profile

  • Added Quizzes to Course Navigation Widget template output

  • Added .DE language files

  • Added validation on Quiz admin and user notification From field to force valid email address instead of name

  • Added progress bar parameter to [ld_course_list] shortcode


  • Updated logic with expired courses to still provide access to course certificate

  • Updated Quiz Prerequisite to work with manual mark complete logic

  • Updated Course Group metabox to hide if no groups are defined

  • Updated the order of Group Leader LearnDash menu items

  • Updated the data upgrade admin notice to not display on first time installs

  • Removed ‘Add New’ link on Reports > Transactions page

  • Removed ‘[‘ and ‘]’ from course title on PayPal button ouput so it is not treated as a shortcode


  • Fixed issue where user Essay items were not removed when clearing user LearnDash data via profile

  • Fixed issue where ‘PDF Page Orientation’ was not retaining selected value after save

  • Fixed variable in course data upgrade logic

  • Re-minified ProQuiz JavaScript file