LearnDash Updates March 6th, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.6

New Features

  • Added lesson pagination to the [ld_course_content] shortcode

  • Added new filters for Quiz "free" choice question type to allow external override of correct marking and points


  • Updated [ld_course_list] logic when using ‘mycourses' parameter and user does not have any registered courses

  • Updated [ld_course_list] logic to call wp_reset_postdata() after output is complete

  • Updated course complete logic where changes to global $post seem to have been changed

  • Updated formatting of text under Certificate Shortcodes tab

  • Updated POT file to include missing strings

  • Updated Video Progression feature to be compatible with JetPack


  • Fixed issue with WP-CLI and global $sfwd_lms

  • Fixed WP Profile Quiz listing ordering (now sorted by latest first)

  • Fixed WP Profile manual progress logic not working when pagination is enabled

  • Fixed Course Data Upgrade logic missing data

  • Fixed issue with Course Navigation widget to correct page when viewing final Quiz

  • Fixed Admin Course Navigation widget to correct page when viewing final Quiz.

  • Fixed Quiz "free" choice question type grading if student answer contains trailing space(s)

  • Fixed course expiration and data deletion to correctly remove user quiz history

  • Fixed Assignments missing uploaded filename

  • Fixed invalid language code issue with certificate URL