LearnDash Updates August 28th, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.7

New Features

  • Added support for HTML content and shortcodes in Course Material field settings

  • Added new filter for Course Status

  • Added logic to complete the course when the essay questions are graded

  • Added more filters to CSV report output for data elements and column headers

  • Added filter to control PDF margins

  • Added filter learndash_certificate_params and two actions for hooks into PDF details

  • Added support for course_points and user_course_points parameters to courseinfo shortcode

  • Added logic to ensure WPProgQuiz tables are checked on plugin validation

  • Added check that DB_User has ability to create needed DB tables


  • Updated logic to check user capability on profile save to match standard WP capabilities

  • Removed javascript in Course Navigation Widget that sets inline styles for max font-size: 12px