LearnDash Updates December 5th, 2017

Update: Version 2.5.3

New Features

  • Added new Lesson, Topic, and Quiz Material fields

  • Added support for Comment pagination rewrite rules when using nested URLs


  • Updated the handling of Draft items in Course Builder

  • Updated help text on Topic

  • Updated logic when a Quiz added via Course Builder does not have Statistics enabled

  • Updated logic when running Data Upgrades on very large sites

  • Removed Lesson, Topic, Quiz panels on WordPress Menu manager when using Shared Course Steps feature


  • Fixed issue where Admin became unenrolled when updating a Course

  • Fixed issue on [course_content] shortcode when using the Shared Course Steps feature

  • Fixed issue with Quiz Question Fill-in-the-Blank scoring logic

  • Fixed issue with Course completion not recording date

  • Fixed issue related to Assignments losing course association