LearnDash Updates May 25th, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.8

New Features

  • Added integration to WordPress Privacy Policy and GDPR functionality to export and erase user personal data

  • Added support for user_id parameter in [ld_course_list] shortcode

  • Added new parameters for [ld_profile] shortcode to control output of edit profile link and listing of course quizzes

  • [BETA] Added new Gutenberg blocks for many of the LearnDash shortcodes

  • [BETA] Added more REST API endpoints under namespace: /wp-json/ldlms/v1 (requires the define added to site: define ('LEARNDASH_REST_API_ENABLED', true);)

  • [BETA] Added Gutenberg editor support when editing LearnDash post types (requires the define added to site: define ('LEARNDASH_GUTENBERG', true);)


  • Updated cookie timer logic to retain after logging out

  • Updated Quiz question point calculations when using the individual point option

  • Updated Lessons widget ordering logic to use shared steps order

  • Updated Course progress widget when user is not logged in

  • Updated Course Info widget order selectors to retain value after saving

  • Updated Groups auto-enroll logic to not unenroll user from Group when user is unenrolled from an associated Course

  • Updated learndash_course_status() to allow for filtering and return slug only


  • Fixed miscellaneous spelling issues