LearnDash Updates April 3rd, 2018

Update: Version 2.5.7

New Features

  • Added negative point scoring logic on multiple choice questions when using individual points

  • Added Assignment and Essay upload paths to the Support tab output


  • Updated Add-ons options key ‘learndash-repositories' to not auto-load


  • Fixed Course Builder where editing a Quiz title did not update WPProQuiz title

  • Fixed issue where Course Builder search was generating too many AJAX calls

  • Fixed Course Builder where editing a Lesson title propagated the change to Topics

  • Fixed Add-ons menu where items did not load or displayed partial data

  • Fixed Quiz prerequisite logic not checking that student has passed the previous Quiz

  • Fixed Quiz where Mathjax symbol processing was not being rendered on all question types and answer fields

  • Fixed [ld_lesson_list] shortcode not using the course_id per page limit

  • Fixed undefined index reported on Add-ons page when running on wordpress.com

  • Fixed Group Administration pagination

  • Fixed per page settings not accepting a "0" value

  • Fixed Lesson pagination and Quiz listing

  • Fixed issue where the class Parsedown couldn't be redeclared

  • Fixed issues related to PHP 7.2.1 deprecated function while = each() used in the TCPDF library

  • Fixed [ld_course_list mycourses="enrolled"] shortcode showing all courses when logged out