LearnDash Updates January 16th, 2017

Update: Version 2.3.2

New Features

  • Added decimals parameter for [courseinfo] to control the number of decimal places on some fields

  • Added "Email Name" fields to quiz admin and user email settings

  • Added filter for CSV reports to allow override of CSV options like field delimiter, encoding, etc.

  • Added link to uploaded file on Essay front-end page view

  • Added div wrapper around quiz listing on user profile output

  • Added output on Support tab to show language files loaded and change timestamp


  • Updated to force loading needed inline quiz JS after footer scripts

  • Updated CSS to be compatible with default TwentySeventeen theme

  • Updated all flush rewrite logic to work better when saving Custom Labels


  • Fixed issue under Groups > Group Leader where clicking 'Next' on binary selector resulted in a blank page

  • Fixed Custom Label to now accept apostrophes

  • Fixed Course Navigation widget to display proper CSS for nested Topic and Quiz items

  • Fixed issue on get_role() variable compare

  • Fixed PHP 7.1.0 warnings on variable initialization