LearnDash Updates March 21st, 2017

Update: Version 2.4.0 - Major Release

New Features

  • Added separate Categories/Tags taxonomies for LearnDash post types

  • Added Course Points feature

  • Added shortcodes TinyMCE popup UI

  • Added multiple Course prerequisite support

  • Added link to changelog in plugin meta

  • Added Course Options and General Settings pages

  • Added action hook when deleting user LearnDash data

  • Added support for alternate template directory wp-content/uploads/learndash/templates/

  • Added filter for 'Tag' on Courses listing

  • Added cookie logic for Lesson timers to save state on page reload

  • Added various ID and classes to Course, Lesson, Topic template files


  • Updated LearnDash menu and tab logic

  • Updated many quiz messages and labels, moving them to template file for easier filtering

  • Updated quiz statistics CSS, moving to template for easier override

  • Updated Course/Lesson/Topic/Quiz permalinks, moving to WP Settings > Permalinks screen

  • Updated "Lesson Available On" filter

  • Updated Danish language files

  • Updated Spanish language files

  • Updated PayPal integration in preparation of PayPal's March 2017 changes

  • Removed !important tag usage in quiz CSS

  • Removed inline CSS on question review box items


  • Fixed essay question incorrect marking in statistics

  • Fixed Add Media button in Quiz answer error

  • Fixed typo - Quiz Question

  • Fixed issue where images were not showing when viewing Quiz statistics

  • Fixed drip feed dates not translating on front-end

  • Fixed action learndash_course_complete event triggering multiple times on Quiz complete

  • Fixed hints from being calculated in the statistics, but not activated in question settings

  • Fixed issue where question/stats/leaderboard tabs not generating for new Quizzes

  • Fixed issue where Group Leader was unable to send a Group email

  • Fixed logic to ensure DB tables exist for plugin activation